LCD TV Repair

LCD TV, which stands for liquid-crystal display television, is lighter and thinner than cathode ray tubes. It is more practical, highly efficient and produces better image quality. It looks beautiful, classy and elegant compared to bulkier TV sets. However, it is subject to damage and other problems, some of the most common of which include faulty power supply and no picture with sound. To help fix these problems, it is very good to know a lot of things about LCD TV repair.


Before anything else, start by determining the real cause of the problem. One of the common problems associated with this type of TV is a condition where there is no picture with sound. If this happens, the screen can go black but the speakers continue to produce sound after turning the TV on.

To diagnose the problem of your TV, you have to check the input settings first. When the input is unplugged or turned off, a dark screen will usually appear. This usually happens when you are trying to connect the TV with a DVD player or a video game system. In case this is the problem, try to reconnect the different wires or cables located at the sides or at the back of your TV. You can also check the wires or cables for possible damage.

When your LCD TV is not responding to any action you make, whether you turn it off or on, the problem may be related to the power supply. This is a persistent problem, specifically if the supply is broken or defective. This is a very difficult thing to do, which often requires the skills of experts to complete. For this reason, it is not advisable to fix this kind of problem yourself. Because of the high technicalities involved, expect to pay a hefty sum of money for professional services. Usually, a new power supply may cost about $150, which is often combined with labor costs amounting to more or less $250.

Additional Tips and Other Helpful Information

If you feel that your LCD TV is broken, check its warranty right away. You are lucky if your television set is still under warranty. Check the terms if your TV is still covered, especially whether it is covered for a year, 2 years or even 3 years. Upon purchase, keep the bill of sale as well as other important documents. Having your TV fixed outside the warranty period is not a very good thing because it can be very costly.

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