Garage Floor Paint

Applying the right garage floor paint will help decrease the chances of the surface incurring stains as well as extend its longevity. In addition, a painted garage floor will also make your garage look nicer and neater.

This being said, epoxy paint is the recommended type of paint for garage floors because its components will help you achieve your goal of reducing staining of the garage floor plus increase its longevity.

In a word, this type of paint can endure wear and tear so much better than ordinary paint.

Painting Your Garage Floor

First, you need to prepare the surface to allow the paint to adhere to the floor. To prepare the surface, check the following steps:

1. Clean the surface thoroughly. To do this, sweep the surface to free it from any debris and dirt. Cleaning also involves checking for stains. If there are stains present, you can apply a commercial stain remover made specifically for concrete surfaces.

Make sure that you follow the instructions for application to ensure that you will successfully remove the stains.

After your have taken out the stains, clean the surface once more with water.

2. Wait for the floor to dry and then check for cracks. With a repair kit, usually a concrete and mortar mixture, fill in the cracks with the mixture according to the instructions detailed in the package or product manual.

3. Etching. Etching will help your floor surface to absorb the paint more efficiently. To see if your floor needs etching, spray a small amount of water on the surface and see if the water is absorbed.

If the floor does not absorb the water, you can apply a commercially available etching compound according to product instructions.
Leave the floor to dry overnight.

Painting the Surface

1. Primer. Before you start to apply your first coat of paint, apply a primer first. This will allow the paint to attach to the surface more cohesively. Let the primer set and dry, usually eight hours will do.

2. Painting. Apply a thin coat first with a nylon brush. You may also use a paint roller but you have to make sure that it is lint-free. Let your first coating dry for at least twenty-four hours before applying your second coating.

After your second application, let the paint dry again for at least twenty-four hours before walking on and using the surface.

For areas that go through heavy and frequent traffic, you may need to touch-up on the paint at least once per year.

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