How to Repair a Furnace

How to Repair a Furnace

A device primarily designed to produce heat, a furnace is a household heating system classified into two main types, namely non-condensing and condensing. The basic components of a modern furnace include the blower, controls and the burners. Aside from these, do not forget the venting, draft inducer and heat exchanger. Without proper maintenance, it is possible for this device to be damaged. This problem can be solved by knowing how to repair a furnace.


Fixing common furnace problems is very easy. First, check the thermostat. Be sure to set it on ‘heat.’ Normally, the temperature setting of the thermostat must be hotter than the room temperature. In case of a programmable thermostat, be sure that the program is running well. Check the condition of the battery as well.

Next, be sure that the interlock switches, fuses and breakers are all turned on. Check the main switch as well, which looks like an ordinary switch of light. Look inside the cabinet that holds the heating unit and then switch on the blower unit. In case this is switched on, check the secondary breaker boxes and especially the circuit breaker. At the bottom-most part of the furnace, the door of the blower compartment must be in place.

Check if the blower motor is functioning properly. Search for the reset switch. It is very important to press this whenever there is an overload. It usually takes about 30 minutes for the motor to cool down. After cooling, push the reset button once more to check if the motor will now work.

If the furnace still does not work, proceed to the circuit box and then turn the main switch off. Look for the fuse. In case it is busted, change it with the same kind of fuse. Refer to the owner’s manual for the precise kind of fuse necessary for this device to function well.

Turn the main switch on once more to check if it is now working. If it still fails to work, look for other possible causes like stuck buttons, broken dials as well as loose wires. It is possible to fix the problem by releasing the stuck buttons, by changing the broken dials or by reconnecting loose wires properly. After doing all these steps, go back to the programmable thermostat and then reset it to default settings. Turn on the main switch and enjoy the efficiency of a fully restored furnace.

Additional Tips and Other Helpful Information

This task can be very dangerous, especially if you lack knowledge about electrical wirings. If this is the case, just hire the services of professionals. Always wear protective gears including work gloves and safety masks while working with this device to prevent any kind of accident.