How to Build Big Biceps

How to Build Big Biceps

There are several ways to build big biceps, but some of the methods online are meant for advanced individuals. If you are just starting out, the proceeding techniques will develop your biceps quickly and safely.

Required Tools

Other weights

Step 1

Start by doing the most basic exercises. This includes the wide grip barbell curl. Grab a bar. Hold it with a bit wider compared to shoulder width. Do the curl without the aid of momentum from your back.

An alternative is the narrow grip barbell curl. This is similar to the wide curl, but the grip is narrower. Grab the bar. The grip should be narrower compared to shoulder width. Set your hands about five inches apart. Perform the curl, again without using the back’s momentum.

Step 2

Stand up and hold a dumbbell in each hand. Turn your hand so it faces outward. Lift the dumbbell slowly. Do not bend your back. Lift the dumbbell using your arms, not your back.

Hold the dumbbells up high for a second or two. Bring it back down. Repeat ten times. For beginners, you may start with alternate lifts. When you get used to it, lift the arms simultaneously.

Step 3

Here is another way to build big biceps. Lie on a bench. Use both hands to grip a barbell. Set your hands shoulder wide. Lift the barbell up. Hold it up for a second. Lower it slowly until it is nearly touching your chest. Lift it back up slowly. Repeat the process.

Step 4

Hold a dumbbell in each hand. Raise your arms until it is almost parallel to the floor. Hold it in position and lower it. Repeat 5 to 10 times.


Push ups will help develop your biceps and arms too. Beginners should start doing 10 to 15 pushups everyday. Increase the repetition when you become comfortable with it.

If you enroll in the gym, you can also avail of the weights there. Some of the equipment there is meant just for bicep strengthening and development.

Set up a regular workout routine. To attain results, you have to work out at least every other day. Ideally, you should workout five times a week. But drink plenty of water when working out. This is necessary to replenish yourself.

These are just some of the ways to build big biceps. If you stick to the routine, you will see results appear. Of course, you will also need to have a balanced diet to achieve faster results.