How to Repair a Flat Roof

How to Repair a Flat Roof

Water rarely presents problems to a sloping roof, but if your roof is flat, you need to make sure that it has no leaks. Here is a guide on how to repair a flat roof.

Required Tools and Materials

Roofing nails
Putty knives
Razor knife
Roofing cement

Fixing a Peeled or Cracked Part

Step 1

Clear the roof of any debris, dirt and dust. The cement will not work if there is dirt.

Step 2

Use the razor knife to slice around the peeled or cracked portions. Take out the bad section. Turn it into a rectangle or square.

Step 3

Create a replacement shingle using the cutout as a template. If you sliced more than a single layer, make enough pieces so the new part is even with the area around it.

Step 4

Cut a shingle a couple of inches bigger than the other pieces. Put a putty knife below the cutout area edges. Put the roofing cement below the edges. When studying how to repair a flat roof, make sure you apply enough cement.

Step 5

Put some roofing cement in the cutout part with the putty knife.

Step 6

Put the new shingle in place. Use roofing nails to put down the shingle. Only put cement on the bottom one. Just nail the other layers.

Step 7

Set the larger patch above the one you set down. Nail it.

Step 8

Put cement around the edges to make a seal.

How to Fix a Bubble or Split Shingle

Step 1

To fix the bubble, cut a line on that layer. Remove the part you cut.

Step 2

Put some roofing cement in both sides of the cut. You will do the same thing with a shingle split.

Step 3

Use the roofing nails to secure the material. Put a patch over the area. Apply the patch in the same manner as you did in “Fixing a Peeled or Cracked Part”.

Tips and Warnings

When cutting the shingles, use a straightedge. This ensures the shape and size are the same. Exercise caution when you are walking on the roof. When you are on the roof, move carefully. You could damage some parts there. If you are wearing working boots, do not stomp on the surface.

Take your time when you repair a flat roof. The process will go much faster if you have someone helping you out. Take frequent breaks if the repair job is a large one or it is very hot.