How to Build a Shed

Building a shed for your garden will give you storage space for all your gardening tools and equipment. This shed measures 10 x 12‘. Note: you may need an assistant for this task.

Required Tools and Materials

Screw gun
Roofing materials (i.e. shingles, rake boards etc)
Power tools (saw, drill etc)

Step 1

Select an area that is appropriate in your garden. The surface should be level. A 2 ft area is required for the shed construction. It will also prevent moisture from being trapped.

Step 2

Create a 2×6” frame 16” in the middle. This should be on concrete block corners. Make measurements diagonally along the corners. Level the deck.

Step 3

Set the plywood flooring onto the joists. Hammer the plywood. Cut the 4 pieces so they fit. The end joints have to be staggered.

Step 4

The walls have to be framed next. Use the 2x4s (16” on center). Put the siding on as the walls are still laid on the deck. Erect them after each piece is built. To hold it up, put a diagonal brace on. Nail the corners after all the walls have been constructed.

Step 5

When building a shed, it is simpler to use trusses than a ridge board and rafters. The truss halves are connected by gussets at the top. Create the trusses. Hammer and nail them on the top plates. Do this over the studs. Set metal ties so the trusses are fastened.

Step 6

Use 1/2" plywood to sheath the roof. To finish the roof, apply drip edging, corner boards soffits, rake boards and fascia.

Step 7

Put the roof shingles on. This will vary per manufacturer. Follow the instructions on the package.

Step 8

To frame the doors, use 2×4 lumbers. Make use of the H pattern, making sure the longer parts are utilized for the sides. Cut the bottom and top parts to the same size. Make the center cross piece 3 inches shorter. Make sure the frame is square.

Step 9

Place 2x4s on the frame. Make marks below for the braces. Nail the diagonal braces. Put the pine boards in place. Apply the pine boards on the remaining sides.

Tips and Warnings

Take care when using the power tools. Never cut wood whiteout wearing eye protection. The assistant will come in handy when you install the roofing.

When building a shed, you should always measure twice and cut once. That advice is often repeated, but it is critical for your success.

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