How to Repair a Dryer

There are many ways to repair a dryer simply because there are many problems that can occur. If the unit works but doesn’t dry clothes, the trouble is with the heating. This is a common problem. Here are suggestions on how to fix it.

Required Tools and Materials

Electric meter
Dryer user guide

Step 1

Begin by unplugging the dryer. Read the user guide for instructions on how to open the dryer’s bottom. One of the components there is your heating element. Refer to your manual for information on what
it looks like.

Step 2

Now you have to take out the heating element from the unit. Use the screwdriver to remove the heating element. Refer to your user guide for more specific info.

Step 3

Before you repair a dryer, look for breaks on the coils. They will resemble a large bulb. If current is applied it will heat up. This will inevitably lead to coil breaks. If the break isn’t visible, use the electric meter. Put the meter to ohm or to check resistance.

Step 4

Set the leads of the meter on the coil ends. If the ohm measurement is infinite, there is a coil break.

Step 5

If the coil is in indeed defective, you need to get a replacement. Set down the model and make of the dryer. Buy a replacement part from a store. You can also order one from the Web. Wherever you order, be certain it is an exact match for the element you will replace.

Step 6

To install the replacement part, reverse the process just outlined. You can also test the new component with the electric meter. The reading should not register an open circuit.

Step 7

After you install the new element, plug the dryer. Test it. It should now work.

Tips and Warnings

You can buy the heating elements in the store, but it is probably cheaper to do so on the Net. In some auction sites, the heating elements are sold for 50% less than the store price. Of course you need to make sure the item is still new.

Be certain the dryer is unplugged before attempting to check the dryer out. Bring different screwdriver sizes just to be sure. Do not lose the screws.

Learning how to repair a dryer is not as complicated as it seems. You just need to make sure that the user manual is with you. Follow it if there are more specific instructions

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