How to Repair a Drysuit Rip Tear

How to Repair a Drysuit Rip Tear

A drysuit is a type of clothing that worn by water sports enthusiasts to have passive thermal protection while they are in water. This clothing is commonly used whenever the temperature of the water is below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The suit is also worn with other accessories like gloves, boots and integral helmet. The difference between a wetsuit and a drysuit is that the latter is used to prevent the water entry. Repairing damages in this suit can be costly. However, to save money, it is best to know how to repair a drysuit rip tear easily but efficiently.

Materials Needed

Fixing a torn or damaged suit is very easy and you can do this in less than 20 minutes. To repair the suit correctly, there are some materials that you will need. These include a rag that you will need to clean the damaged area as well as a neoprene glue. You can also use a Stormsure glue instead of a neoprene glue.


The first step in repairing a suit is to fold the damaged part of the suit. Make sure that the torn area is disclosed. Apply a glue on each side of the torn parts. Wait for several minutes. Attach the damaged parts and hold for two to three minutes. Apply pressure. Let the glue dries for several minutes. To see if the suit was fixed, pour water on the damaged area. If the water enters the suit, the best thing to do is to bring it to professionals. Do not attach patch on the torn area since this can worsen the damage.

Additional Tips and Other Important Information

To avoid damaging or tearing your drysuit, store it in a box. Do not expose the suit to heat. After you apply a neoprene glue on the torn part of the suit, do not bend and fold it because the glue can crack. After repairing the affected area, let the suit dry in your bathroom. To remove viruses and odors, you can rub shampoo on the suit and wash it with tap water.

To make sure that the cleaner that you will use to remove odors and viruses will not damage the suit, it is best that you visit the local surf shops and purchase wetsuits shampoo. It is also important that you purchase wet suit repair kits because these include special sealants and adhesives that can be used to fix tears and damages.