How to Build a Recording Studio

How to Build a Recording Studio

It is easier than ever to build a recording studio because of the advances in technology. The prices have gone down to such an extent you can have a recording studio at home.

Required Tools and Materials

Digital audio workstation
Recording devices
Capturing device

Step 1

You will need a computer. At the very least it should be able to play DVDs and CDs. You can get a PC or Mac; what’s important is to get one with as much RAM, processor power and disk space as you can afford. Your computer must meet the minimum requirements needed by your apps.

Step 2

A DAW (digital audio workstation) is needed to build a recording studio. DAW refers to any kind of recording program or software. Costs range from as low as $50 to over thousands of dollars.

At the very least, the app should let you mix and do various forms of digital recording. You should also be able to use it with your laptop or computer. For beginners, there are many entry level programs available.

Look for DAW apps that can record Midi. By using Midi, you can utilize sixteen unique tracks. These tracks can be played using 16 different instruments.

Step 3

To record audio, you will need a capturing device and sound source. When recording, your voice will serve as the source. You can utilize the microphone built in your compute. For better results, you should get the condenser stereo microphone with 1/8 inch mini-plugs.

Step 4

You can also use headphones during the recording. There are many types you can use, but the 1/8” mini-plug is the best. These have different sounds, so you should check out different products.

Setting up a Recording Room

The room should not have any other electronic devices that may conflict with the recording devices. As to what DAW to buy, it depends on your experience and budget. If money is not a problem, get the most powerful computer and apps possible.

If you just want to do basic recording, the entry level kits will be fine. If you need professional quality recording, the high end apps will be necessary.

The advanced apps can be difficult for newcomers. Go through the help files so you will know how to use them.

Gone are the days when you needed thousands of dollars to build a recording studio. With a computer and some applications, you can make your own music at little cost.