How to Build a Bicycle

How to Build a Bicycle

This guide on how to build a bicycle is for the BMX models. Other bike brands may require a different setup.

Required Tools and Materials

Bicycle work stand (optional)
Nuts, bolts and washers
Deep well sockets
Wrench set (15 mm, 10 mm Allen wrench)
Rubber mallet
Wheels, tires and tubes
Seat post clamp
Seat post

Step 1

Join the frame to the work stand. Grease the cups and tighten the fork using the mallet. Oil the headset bearings. Put the headset on the fork base and put the fork in the frame head tube.

Step 2

Place the top bearings on the fork top. Set the top bearings at the fork. Set the top cap on the fork bearings. If studying how to build a bicycle, secure the fork bearings tightly.

Step 3

Unscrew the stem top and put the handlebar there. Fasten the front plate at the stem. Lubricate the stem bolt. Put it into the fork. Secure the fork belt. The bar ends can be sprayed with liquid lubricant. Slide the grips and brake levers in.

Step 4

Place the bottom bracket in by greasing the frame crank tube. Insert the bearings. Connect the sprocket to the spacer, crank and crank arm. Put this in the bearings.

Step 5

Insert the other arm and spacers on the other side.

Step 6

Place the seat post on the seat tube. Install the brake hardware. Install the cables from the back tires to the handlebar.

Step 7

Set the front wheel in the fork dropouts. Secure the hardware. Put the back wheel on the frame dropouts. Secure the hardware loosely.

Step 8

Set the rear wheel so it is centered on the frame. Install the washers.

Step 9

Fasten the chain by wedging it between the wheel and the bottom bracket. Press the bottom bracket. Secure the bolts when the chain is tightened.

Step 10

Install the seat. Make some adjustments on the seat, stem, bars and brakes. Make adjustments on the front wheel if needed.

Tips and Warnings

Make sure that the nuts and bolts are greased. They will be easier to take off later if needed. Make sure that you do not fasten it too tight. Doing so might casue the parts to snap off.

If you are just learning how to build a bicycle, take your time. Follow the directions so you do not make a mistake. At the very least, you will need a couple of hours to finish it.