How to Build a Bed

How to Build a Bed

There are several ways to build a bed, depending on the style. The following instructions are for making a queen platform bed.

Required Tools and Materials

Phillips screwdriver bit
#6 countersink bit
Circular power saw
Power drill
(28) 1 1/2-inch Phillips-flat-head wood screws, #6
(36) 3 1/2-inch Phillips-flat-head wood screws, #6
Two 4-by-8-foot 3/4-inch plywood sheets A/B grade
One 6-foot four-by-four inch beam
Eight 8-foot two-by-four inch boards, straight

Step 1

Cut the seven 2 x 4s into the following sizes: (3) 56 ¾ inches, (2) 60 inches and (2) 76 ¾ inches.

Step 2

Make the platform outer frame by setting down the two 76 ¾-inch two-by fours and the two 60-inch pieces in a rectangle shape. Position these on the narrow sides.

Mark drill holes one over the other. These should be 7/8 inches off the 60 inch boards’ ends. Make the holes in the side rails. Fasten in the 3 ½-inch #6 screws on the 4 corners.

Step 3

To build a bed properly, you’ll need to position the 3 56 ¾-inch two-by-four cross rails 60, 40 and 20 inches from the rail ends. The center cross rail has to be set flat on its wide side. The cross rails should be stood up at the narrow point.

Step 4

Mark a couple of drill holes at the 76 ¾-inch side rails, one over the other. This is at the lower and upper cross rail ends. Spot a couple of drill holes side by side in the center cross rail. Make pilot holes in the side rails all the way to the cross rails. Put 3 ½-inch #6 screws in the six spots.

Step 5

Position four 4 x 4 pieces in the frame corners. Drill a couple of pilot holes on the sides of each leg. Make sure to drill the frame and in the legs. Fasten the frame components on the legs with the 3 ½-inch #6 wood screws.

Step 6

Flip the assembly over. Put the 2 40 by 60-inch ¾-inch thick plywood onto the frame. Drill holes in the panel corners. Connect them with the 1 ½-inch #6 wood screws.

Step 7

Countersink drill holes all around the center cross rail and the frame perimeter. Do this at the 13 to 15-inch spacing. All the plywood panels will have fourteen screws. Fasten the panels with wood screws.

The final step to build a bed is to add the footboard or headboard. You can add these by bolting them on the rail ends.