How to Make Cat Repellent

How to Make Cat Repellent

Aside from dogs, cats are also considered amongst the top pets in the world today. People just cannot resist their playful, loving and gentle appearance. However, even these lovable animals can be pesky at times, whether knowingly or unknowingly. They also like to go to places where they are not supposed to go, a quality that makes them truly annoying. Furthermore, they are really stubborn at times even to their owners. If you wish to control where cats can go, it is good to know how to make cat repellent.

Materials Needed

An effective cat repellent is not that hard to do. In fact, you only need a number of materials to complete it. These include cotton balls, essential oils and a well-stocked spice cabinet. In addition, it can help to have mist or spray bottles. Once you have these things, you are on the way to a cat-free and more peaceful environment in no time.


Just like most animals, cats are known for their very strong and highly sensitive sense of smell. In order to repel them, you need to have certain scents available. Based on research, they tend to stay away from places where there are dried rosemary, cayenne pepper as well as dried mustard. They also do not like to stay in coffee grounds.

By sprinkling some of these items in the surrounding areas, you are guaranteed to keep those cats away in no time. However, the tricky part is that cats vary in the scents they dislike. In case one these does not work, try to replace it with some other item that is more effective. In case you want your cats to stay indoors, put some of these items outside.

If you wish your cats to stay outdoors, experts recommend the use of essential oils. Some of the scents that are guaranteed to drive off cats include lemon, citronella and cinnamon. The same effect can also be produced by rosemary, orange, lavender and lemon grass. You can also make a spray that combines cayenne, rosemary and lavender in boiling water. After infusing these items, try to apply the spray in the surrounding areas.

If you want your garden to be free from cats, it is best to plant garlic chives, rosemary and lavender along the borders of the garden. Other possible options include rue and citronella. You can also make a place where cats can stay and live freely. This way, they need not to go anymore into your space and make disturbing sounds and movements.

Additional Tips and Other Helpful Information

The main objective of cat repellents is to repel cats and not harm them. Be sure not to kill these animals by not using different kinds of harmful elements. Among the items that are proven hazardous to the health of cats and other animals are mothballs and borax.