How to Build a Stretch Limousine

How to Build a Stretch Limousine

It is somewhat envious when you see a limousine on the road and wish that you owned one of them to use for your own pleasure. Purchasing one is absolutely just a dream because the vehicle is really expensive. However you can have the possibility of owning a stretch limousine in an affordable way by turning your car into one. Here are the instructions on how to build a stretch limousine.

Take You Car Apart

You need to take you car apart in order to build a stretch limousine. Remove all of the seats and interior paneling until the inside of the car is almost bare. Crawl under your car and take out the drive line and all the brake fluid lines that run along beneath the vehicle.

Slice Your Car Into Two

Do not forget to take out all the wiring that runs along the entire length of the vehicle. Then take out all the doors and side windows. Then cut the car in half using some metal cutting blades and a saw.

Go to the Wrecking Yard

When you saw the car in half make sure that you avoid the door lines to avoid some complexity as you build a stretch limousine. Ask for some assistance from a friend or family member to aid you in pulling the two halves of the car from each other. Set each of them up on blocks for safety. You can now go to a wrecking yard in your locality and look for a car that is similar to yours. Then take the midsection of that car to be used to build a stretch limousine of your own.

A Six-Door Stretch Limousine

With the midsection of the car from the wrecking yard already at your working place, you can now weld that part into the middle portion of the two halves as you continue to build a stretch limousine. Now the total number of doors that you have is six since you have two spare doors located at the back of your car. After the welding job is done, the welding seams must be grind and sanded for a smooth finish. Finish the bodywork using some bondo and a nice coat of primer paint for a sleek look.

Almost Done

You can now take it to a machine shop to help you put everything back together when you build a stretch limousine. Some of the interior panels from your old car won’t fit anymore and some would still do. Some upholstery work is needed to fit the design of your new stretch limousine. You will also need some extension for the wiring and some long brake lines. Once everything is in place, you can now take your limousine for a paint job. Now you are ready to take a drive around town with your very own stretch limousine and be envied by others.