How To Build A Pedestal Bedframe

Having a pedestal bed in your bedroom means sleeping in comfort. Pedestal bedframes are actually better in comparison to the typical bedframes. The only concern is that this type of bedframe is usually not available in standard sizes and materials. Read on to learn the process on how to build a pedestal bedframe using the usual materials for a bedframe.

Materials Needed to Build a Pedestal Bedframe

Screws and screwdriver or hammer and nails
Four pairs of brass plated four-inch hinges
Two pieces of four feet by eight feet plywood or MDF with a minimum thickness of half an inch
Four pieces of two feet by six feet lumber

How to Build a Pedestal Bedframe

Buy the materials you need at a local hardware store or a home improvement shop.

Use a saw to cut the four pieces of lumber according to the dimensions of a standard bed. You will be able to produce two pieces of lumber with a length of 54 inches and another two pieces of lumber with a length of 80 inches. You will have some leftover pieces of lumber of two pieces of 16 inches and two pieces of 42 inches.

To build a pedestal bedframe, connect the lumbers on their edges and attach the hinges at every corner. The pins of the hinges must be positioned on the outside portion of the lumbers. Once the lumbers are already connected, you will be able to view the bedframe of your pedestal bed. You don’t to put the hinge pins yet at this moment.

You need to connect together two cross braces of lumbers composed of the leftover pieces of lumber – one 16 inches and one 42 inches. The entire length of each brace must be 54 inches so you must overlap the two pieces of lumber to attain the said length. The two cross braces must be situated in the inside area of the bedframe. The purpose of these braces is to give support when the mattress is laid above the bedframe.

Take the MDF and use a saw to cut the sheet into two pieces of board measuring 27 inches in width and 80 inches in length. If you don’t want to cut the MDF yourself, you can ask the hardware store where you bought them to cut the sheets for you according to the required specifications to build a pedestal bedframe. Those leftover pieces of MDF can use for the shelving in the bed if you want to.

Arrange the corners of the bedframe and put in the hinge pins to steady it. These hinge pins can be remove easily when you want to move the bed to a different location.

Attach the cross braces on the inside portion of the bedframe about 36 inches away from the end of the frame. Place the two MDF sheets on the top of the bedframe joining in the middle. Use screws or nails to fasten the sheets into the bedframe.

Now that you have learned how to build a pedestal bedframe, you can now place your mattress and bedding on top and enjoy a comfortable sleep after a hard day’s work.

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