How to Build a Cat Condo

Dogs have their doghouses, but cats get to have their own condos. Designed to keep cats from ruining home furniture, a cat condo is a cat’s personal dwelling, where they can nap, play, stretch and scratch as much as they want to. To learn how to build a cat condo, one will need a 4’ folding step ladder, a tape measure, a 2” x 4” wooden stud, a hammer, nails, a cardboard concrete form measuring 12” in diameter, sisal rope, and glue.

The first step (no pun intended)is to set up the step ladder, folding it open as though to climb on it, and then measuring the distance between its right front leg and its right back leg. Jot down the measurement, then do the same procedure to the ladder’s left front and left back legs. Cut the 2” x 4” wooden stud into 2 pieces matching the measurements taken. The ladder’s right front and right back legs are attached to one of the wooden stud pieces. Nail through the right ladder legs and into the wood stud, attaching the former alongside the latter. The same procedure is done to the ladder’s left front and back legs and the second wood stud piece.

The cardboard concrete form is then laid horizontally between the ladder’s legs so as to form a tunnel. Decide how long the tunnel should be, take it out of the ladder, and then cut it to the desired length. Glue one end of sisal rope to an end of the tunnel, and then tightly wrap the tunnel in the rope to cover it up. The sisal rope’s other end is next glued on the tunnel after wrapping it up in order to secure it. The tunnel is placed back between the ladder’s legs. Hammer nails through the tunnel’s insides and into the wooden studs to attach them to each other.

Wrap the ladder in sisal rope, starting from its bottom and going to the top, tightly covering every portion of the ladder. No wooden parts should be left exposed, and each end of the sisal rope should be secured with glue both before and after it is wrapped around the ladder. Give the glue time to dry. Test the cat condo to ensure it is safe. Make sure that there are no nails sticking out and there are no exposed edges. Be certain to check that the rope around the ladder is secured tightly, and the tunnel is firmly attached. If everything checks out just fine, then the cat condo is safe and ready for use.

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