How to Build a Solar Cooker

Trynig to build a solar cooker is not an arduous task and the results will be delectable. There are several ways to do this, including the following.

Required Tools and Materials

Pizza box
Aluminum foil
Heavy plastic (the ones used in laminating)
Construction paper (black)
Glue (non toxic)
Cellophane tape
Short dowel

Step 1

Use the ruler to make a one inch border on the pizza box’s top. Use the pen to draw the lines. Cut along three of the lines using the scissors.

Step 2

Make a fold along the fourth line (the one you didn’t cut). Cut a piece of the aluminum foil. Put glue on and set it in place.

Step 3

To build a solar cooker, you’ll need to cut some plastic. Make it large enough so it can cover the hole you cut off. Put some tape on the lid’s underside. Be certain it is airtight.

Step 4

Cut another piece of foil. Put glue on it and set it below the pizza box. Next, slice some of the black construction paper. Make sure the paper you cut will cover the box’s bottom.

Step 5

Get the dowel (you can use a straw instead if you want). Use it to pop up the foil flap. After you build a solar cooker, direct it to the sun. Let it warm for half an hour before you begin cooking.

Making a Solar Cooker Method II

Required Tools and Materials

Aluminum foil
Invisible Tape (non toxic)
Glue (non toxic)
Plastic wrap
Black construction paper
1 big cardboard box
1 small cardboard box

Note: the small box should fit in the big one with a 3 inch space on both sides.

Step 1

Put some newspaper in the big box. Insert the small box in the big one. Add some more crumpled paper on the sides. The next step to build a solar cooker is to add aluminum foil in the small box’s sides. Put tape on the foil so it stays in place.

Step 2

Put black construction paper at the small box’s bottom. Put a cardboard on the big box. Trace the shape at the cardboard. Add a couple of inches on the trace dimensions and cut it out.

Step 3

Put aluminum foil over the cardboard piece. Flatten any visible wrinkles. Glue the aluminum foil on the tape. Staple this on the big box. Now you can just put the cooker where it can receive maximum heat. Put food in and put plastic all around the box.

Tips and Warnings

When cooking, do not utilize materials that will generate toxic fumes. Cooking time is twice as long as a conventional oven, so don’t try foods that need to be cooked quickly. Also keep in mind that solar cookers have a maximum temp of 275 F. Do not cook foods that require higher temperatures.

Before you build a solar cooker, think of the foods you’ll be cooking; the more stuff you plan to cook, the larger the boxes that will be needed.

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