How to Make an Outdoor Wood Burning Stove

How to Make an Outdoor Wood Burning Stove

If you know how to make an outdoor wood burning stove, you’ll no longer need to purchase the commercial products. The supplies you’ll need are available in home improvement stores.

Required Tools and Materials

30 gallon drum (metal)
Tin snips
1 lb coffee cans (9)
Steel door hinges
Electric copper wire feed welder
Steel sheet (1/4” thick, 2 x 2’)
Steel sheet (1/8” thick, 1 x 1’)
Safety glasses
Working gloves
Oxyacetylene cutting torch

Step 1

Put on your safety gear. Slice the drum in half with the torch (cut by the short radius). Get one of the cut drums. Put it on the ¼” x 2 x 2’ steel sheet.

Use the welder to put the two pieces together. When you make an outdoor wood burning stove, mark an 8 x 8” sq inch in the middle of the side of the drum half. You can utilize the soapstone to create these marks.

Step 2

Cut the marked area with the torch. This is the woodstove’s door. Get one of the door hinges and weld it on the cut out you made. Weld the other door hinge on the 1/8” 1 x 1 steel sheet. Hammer the sheet to match the barrel’s angle.

Step 3

Put the door hatch on the hinges. Make a hole in the barrel’s top. Make it big enough so the coffee cans will fit. Tack weld a coffee can on the hole’s edges.

Step 4

To make an outdoor wood burning stove’s stovepipe, snip 1” cuts on the coffee cans. Use the tin snips for this task.

Step 5

Create six holes, ¼” in diameter, at the bottom edge of the barrel hole’s side. This is under the door hatch. Put in 2” layer of sand at the bottom of the stove. Now you can light the fire.

Cleaning a Wood Stove

This method should work for commercially sold wood stoves.

Required Tools and Materials

#0000 sandpaper
Chimney brush
Steel container with a cover

Step 1

Remove the catalytic combustor. You can find this in between the stovepipe and the fire. Use the brush to eliminate the ash. Vacuum it completely to remove the ash.

Note: for those who prefer to make an outdoor wood burning stove, it’s important you remove the ash regularly as well.

Step 2

Shovel out the ashes in the burning stove. Put them in the steel container. When you’ve put in all the ashes, cover the container. Leave the sealed container alone for 48 hours. After 48 hours, you can dispose of it. Apply sandpaper on any glassy component to get rid of dirt.

Tips and Warnings

If the stove hasn’t been utilized in a while, vacuum it thoroughly after getting rid of the ashes. If necessary, use the ladder to get to the stove pipe. Get rid of the dirt there with the chimney brush. If any of the dirt falls on the wood burning stove, clean and vacuum it.
If you decide to make an outdoor wood burning stove, make sure you know how to use the torch. Never take off your safety goggles when using it.