How to Build Wind Turbines

How to Build Wind Turbines

Knowing how to build a wind turbine will allow you to harness the wind and use it as energy. Although it sounds complex, you can actually make one for your home.

Required Tools and Materials

Charge controller
Welding tool
Cutting tool (can cut through aluminum)

Step 1

Get a generator. You can use any type of DC motor. You should be able to find some online, especially on auction websites.

Step 2

Make a hub. You can make them using various materials, but many prefer aluminum. It is light and is not difficult to machine. Use the cutting tool to make a circle in the aluminum.

Step 3

Lathe the circle until it becomes round. Make a hole using the drill. The hole should be as big as the axle. Bolt or weld the piece on the axle.

Step 4

To build a wind turbine, you have to make holes for the wind blades. You can make the blade from PVC pipes, metal or plastic. Cut the metal, plastic or pipe. The cut has to be angled so the blades will turn on their sides and to the generator when the wind blows. The number of blades is up to you, but many find four blades work best.

Step 5

Construct a tower for the wind turbine using the pipes. Various materials can be used but 3 inch aluminum pipe is the easiest to work with. The minimum height should be 12 inches. The higher the tower, the more wind power will be generated.

Step 6

Attach wires on the generator. Run the wires all the way to the tower. Link these up to the charge controller. Hook up the controller to your battery set.

The batteries will charge up when the wind starts to blow. The wind turbine will change the wind into usable energy. Once the wind blows, you’ll see the turbine in action.

Tips and Warnings

Be careful when you use the drill, the welding tool and other equipment. Wear safety goggles and other gear. Aside from the generator, you can also buy wind turbine hubs, blades and other parts online. You can find most of these in some stores too. If you decide to buy, make sure that it is still in good condition.

It really is easy to build a wind turbine. After you make one, making another should prove even easier. With energy costs still on the rise, having your own wind turbine could save you substantial amounts.