How to Build a Bird Feeder

You can build bird feeders so you can give your feathered friends water and food. Here is a simple guide so you can make one in your yard.

Required Tools and Materials

Scrap wood
Sunflower seed/ birdseed
Metal pie plate
PVC Pipe (3 by 12 inches)
Wire (for hanger)
Tuna can

Step 1

Get a piece of 3 inch PVC pipe. Make sure it is a foot long. Remove any chemicals on the pipe.

Step 2

Use the drill to make 5/8 inch holes across one another on the PVC. Drill more holes every five inches.

Step 3

Put a 5/8 inch dowel in 2 of the holes. Insert it so a couple of inches project on the pipe’s side. These will make up the perches when you build bird feeders.

Step 4

Make holes 2 inches over each of the dowels. They should measure 5/8 of an inch.

Step 5

Drill holes on the opposite sides from the feeder’s top. They should be 1 ½ inches off the top. Secure a string in the openings so you will have a loop. This will be the hanger.

Step 6

Put aluminum foil at the pipe’s bottom. You can also apply glue to a steel pie plate and put it under the pipe. You may also employ a Frisbee to hold the seeds and shut the feeder’s bottom.

Step 7

Put sunflower seeds in it. Use the tuna can as a cover. This will keep the seeds from getting damp.

Step 8

Set the feeder close to shrubs.

How to Make a Platform Feeder

Step 1

Cut a plywood piece 10 inches wide and 24 inches long.

Step 2

Put thin wood pieces on the sides to make a lip.

Step 3

Drill holes randomly so water does not accumulate. Set this feeder on a post. Like the other feeder earlier, this should be placed close to shrubs.

Step 4

Put some black sunflower oil seeds on the feeder. The feeder is now done.

Tips and Warnings

You can make the plywood just 12 inches long, but two feet is recommended. If you don’t have black sunflower seeds, you can use striped sunflower seeds. However, the black oil sunflower seeds are more nutritious. You can also give them cracked corn and other types of bird food.

What matters is that you have to make sure the feeders are set in the right place. After you build bird feeders, just sit back and watch as the birds flock to the platform.

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