How to Build a Pizza Oven

One of the most interesting features you can add to your home is a pizza oven. Here is how you can build a pizza oven outdoors.

Required Tools and Materials

2 x 4s
Concrete blocks

Step 1

Determine how big the oven will be. Use the shovel to dig a hole. It should be as wide as you want the oven to be. Make it five inches deep. Put some concrete mixture in the pit. Allow the time to dry.
Note: do not place the oven near flammable material as the oven can get extremely hot.

Step 2

When the concrete is dry, you can continue to build a pizza oven. Now you have to make the fire encasement. Get the brick and make a line at the cement slab. The line should be equal to the brick’s width. Add a couple of inches to this figure around the perimeter. Line it with concrete blocks three of these sides.

Step 3

Ensure there are no concrete blocks on the front. Get some more bricks. Arrange them outside of the blocks. Pile the bricks until they reach a height of two feet. Don’t forget to put mortar between
the blocks and bricks.

Step 4

Make some wood supports for the fire encasement. Use the 2 x 4s to create the support. Be certain there is an opening for the oven door.

Step 5

Lay down a plywood piece over the support. Put a ring of 2 x 4s over it. Put cement inside this 2 x 4 ring. Let the concrete dry.

Step 6

Keep adding the bricks. This will make up the area where you will make the food. Remember to leave a door so you can put food in the oven.

Step 7

To assemble the wood arch, start by making a template of it. Arrange the bricks sideways as an arch. Start on the rear. Create the arch based on the template you have made. Before you proceed, let the arch dry.

Step 8

The pizza oven is now almost finished. You can keep adding bricks on the oven’s outer area. There has to be a bit of room for your chimney. Once everything is in place you should let the oven dry. Once everything has dried up, the pizza oven may be used.

After you build a pizza oven, you can paint it if you like. You can paint the oven exterior any color you want. If you would rather not paint, just use bricks of varied colors.

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