How To Install Carpet On Stairs

How To Install Carpet On Stairs

When you install a carpet on stairs, you do not only make your home a lot more attractive but you also provide a bit more safety for your kids. You might think that the process of installing a carpet on a flight of stairs is really complicated. Though it will require some tough work you really can do it on your own.

Required Materials and Tools

You will need quite a few tools and materials to install a carpet on stairs. Foremost of these items is a carpet that will run down your stairs. Next you’ll need a carpet pad, a utility knife, seaming iron, heady duty stapler, tack strip, and a hammer. Take note that when you purchase a carpet to install you better get a standard size one so you don’t have to trim off anything to fit.

Steps to Install a Carpet on Stairs

We’ll go over the waterfall method to install a carpet on stairs. This is the method usually used by home makers. Professional carpet installers use another technique known as the cap and band method. The waterfall method is the more commonly used method of the two. This method uses a single carpet and makes it flow down from the top step all the way down to the last step at the bottom of your stairs.

The first step to install a carpet on stairs via the waterfall method is to vacuum your stairs. You also have to smoothen out any rough edges on each step if you see one. Make sure that you don’t have any nails sticking out hanging or otherwise exposed or sticking out. If you have installing on concrete or cement stairs then you will have to fill any cracks present. Never reuse any old carpet if you already have one installed previously.

Using a hammer, affix the tack strips onto the angles in between every riser and tread. The horizontal section of your steps is referred to as the tread while the riser is the vertical section of the steps. You can even affix the strips on either side of the tread if you like.

The next step to install a carpet on stairs is to insert the carpet pads. These will be inserted underneath the strips you attached earlier. Then you have to attach the underlay to your assembly at every tread and riser. Next, place the carpet all along with the rest of your assembly. Affix your carpet to each tack strip using a hammer while folding the corners. Work your way from the bottom of the stairs to the top step.

Stretch the carpet into place using a seaming iron. Repeat each for each step on your stairs. Remember to start working the tread first before working on the tack strips. The last step is to trim any uneven ends or extra carpet pieces using a utility knife.