How to Maintain a Spa

How to Maintain a Spa

A spa is a very relaxing place to be especially after a long Maintain a Spatiring day. Here, people can enjoy the soothing effect of warm water mixed with different kinds of invigorating elements. Although this may serve as an excellent form of relaxation, certain problems are closely associated with its use. In case you own one at home, you can be sure of its full functionality and performance by learning how to maintain a spa.

Materials Needed

Maintaining a spa is not that hard, especially if you have all the necessary materials available. Before you start with this task, you must have bleach, mild cleanser and a spa chemical test kit. Additionally, it is also good to have a spa sanitizer liquid, baking soda and granular chlorine. Besides these things, you must also prepare filters and a fragrance in liquid form.


Purchase a high quality spa chemical test kit from your local hardware store. Use it regularly to check the levels of chemicals present in your spa. These may include cyanuric acid, total alkalinity pH levels and chlorine. In case certain elements are missing, you can easily add more to create suitable water for your spa.

The next important thing to do is to clean the filters on a regular basis. Take off the filter and then clean it using hot water. If this is not enough, you can put it in a pail with a bleach solution for a cleaner and more desirable result. In case the filter is worn out, try to replace it right away before using the spa.

Check how the water flows in the jets. These must be free from debris to ensure that the water flows out freely. In case they are clogged, interferences must be removed right away. Check for the water level line and then remove the scum. To do this, scrub the line using a damp clean sponge. Be sure to remove the grime and discoloration. Before you use it, run the water through at least once in order to remove the dirty water completely.

Aside from these things, remember to maintain the spa water level. Protect it from dust and other debris by covering it whenever it is not used. It is also good to clean the cover regularly. Remember to check the temperature before dipping yourself into it. The safe temperature is 105 degrees Fahrenheit. Besides the tub, be sure to clean the surrounding areas as well. Remove hazards that can cause falls and other types of accidents.

Additional Tips and Other Helpful Information

It is important to balance out the levels of chemicals in the spa. For this step, you can use a chlorine-based shock product. It can also help to turn the power off as well as drain the tub periodically. Use only a mild cleanser to clean it and then rinse properly.