How to Fix a Garage Door

How to Fix a Garage Door

When your garage door doesn’t close or open properly can easily become a headache. This situation sometimes becomes tougher when you consider the cost to hire a professional to fix it. Well, before you pick up the phone, here are a few things you might want to do yourself to fix a garage door. The information below may even save you some money in the process.

Stuff That You May Need

Now, you won’t initially come up with all the equipment or materials you will need since you have to investigate or troubleshoot what might be causing your garage door to jar or move improperly. Most of the things you need to fix this problem are within reach since you’re already working at the garage.

You may need a mallet, different types of screwdrivers, a level, lubricant for the door, household cleansers, and maybe some powdered graphite. These are some of the things that may come in handy to fix a garage door. Take note that you usually only have to worry about two primary components: the opener and the garage door itself.


Sometimes you only need to repair either of the two main components mentioned earlier. If you’re a bit unlucky then you’ll have to work on both the opener and the garage door. Take note that it doesn’t matter whether you have a garage door that either rolls up or swings upward. Both designs will usually operate using spring tension.

The first step to fix a garage door is to inspect the metal tracks that are located inside your garage. You should also make it a point to examine the mounting brackets that hold the metal tracks to the walls. Tighten anything that has come loose. Tighten the screws using a matching Philips or flat head screwdriver.

The next step is to examine your setup with the door pulled down or closed. Locate any damage and pound them using a rubber mallet to get them fixed. Take note if any of the tracks are badly damaged. If any of the tracks are way damaged beyond repair then it is high time to get a replacement.

Examine rollups as well. You should also check the spring of your garage door. Be sure to take them off the adjustment holes when you inspect them. If any part has taken way too much damage, then it’s high time to get them replaced.

If there is any dirt stuck along the tracks, clean them off using household cleansers. Be sure to clean the rollers as well. The next step to fix a garage door is to lubricate the rollers, pulleys, and the tracks. Before finishing off, tighten any piece of hardware that may have come loose. If you still haven’t found the culprit then you might just have to rely on professional help to repair your garage door.