How to Build a Storage Bench

Having a storage bench in the bedroom can be handy in many cases. As the following information will show, you can build a storage bench in a straightforward manner.

Required Tools and Materials

Paint or stain
Sand paper
Wood glue
Door hinge or piano hinge
2×2 brace supports
2×4 posts
¾-inch plywood

Step 1

Determine the storage style. You can choose one with a top that goes up or one that has doors in front.

Step 2

Determine the depth, length and width of the storage bench. Get the materials that meet these requirements.

Step 3

To build the frame, make two rectangles using the 2x4s. Cut the 2x4s to the desired width and lengths. Combine these with the 2x4s you chopped for the bench frame height. The result will be a rectangle shaped box.

Step 4

Continue to build a storage bench by connecting the 2s4s every 16 inches along the bench’s top width. You have to put at least one 2×4 support beam in the middle of each bench’s side.

Step 5

Use the ¾ inch plywood to cover the sides that do not have an opening. If you are putting the doors on the front, make sure to frame the area. Use wood strips for the framing.

Step 6

Connect the piano hinge on the storage lid top. Connect this to the frame of the bench. If you put on doors, join the hinges on the frames. Next, put the doors in place.

Step 7

Sand the storage bench so it becomes smooth enough to stain or paint. If you are going to paint it, apply some primer first. After it dries, you can start painting. Apply a thin layer of paint first. Let it dry before applying another layer of paint. Let it dry.

Step 8

The final step is to put some cushions on the storage bench. Or you can put some pillows on it.

Tips and Warnings

If room space is limited, avoid bedroom storage benches with drawer mechanisms. They will occupy more space. Door and top access don’t take up much room. Before you start the project, wear eye goggles. This will keep the debris from flying into your eyes. The working area must be clean so you don’t lose any of the screws.

If you are going to build a storage bench, it is crucial that you plan ahead. Before you even start, make a basic design sketch. This can help you during the building process.

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