How to Lay Laminate Flooring

How to Lay Laminate Flooring

Understanding how to lay laminate flooring is not as complicated as it seems. Not only is the process simple, but it is low maintenance and resilient. It is also cheaper than hardwood.

Required Tools and Materials

Pry bar
Duct tape
Floor taper/set block
Tape measure

Step 1

Measure the area that has to be covered. Add 10 to 15% for error / waste.

Step 2

Use the pry bar to remove the baseboards. Mark the areas where you took them off. This will make it easier to put them back on.

Step 3

Sweep the floor clean. Remove any carpet tacks. Make any needed
repairs on the floor now.

Step 4

Set the underlay on the sub flooring. The overlap has to be three
inches. Apply duct tape over the seam.

Step 5

Place the first board at a corner. The grooved portion should face the wall. Lay the boards, working from left to right. When you lay laminate flooring, the initial board on the row will be a full board.

When you get to the row’s end, score the board to fit.
Note: keep the boards 1/8 to ¼ inch distance from the walls. The boards will expand and contract as the temperature changes.

Step 6

Start the next row. The initial board has to be two-thirds of the board. Install the pieces by snapping them. After snapping the pieces, hit it lightly using the hammer and set block. You must hit the block firmly, but not so hard you break it. Cut the final board of the row to make it fit.

Step 7

Start the third row. Thiis will be a third of the board. Install the board as you did the other rows. Keep repeating until the whole floor has been covered.

Tips and Warnings

Make certain the boards have been left out in the open for a couple of days. This will give them time to adjust to the humidity of your house. Make sure you set the block between the hammer and flooring. Do not hammer the floor. If you do, it will crack.

There are many types of laminate flooring available. Some are made of wood but others are made of paper sheets. These sheets are designed to look like wood.

Before you lay laminate flooring, make sure you compare the prices
first. The cost will be determined by the amount you buy. But where you buy the product will also be a factor.