How to Build a Wooden Boat

How to Build a Wooden Boat

Before you begin to build a wooden boat, draw up the building plans first. This will help you visualize what the boat will look like and how many wood boards have to be purchased.

Required Tools and Materials

Measuring tape
Duct tape
Duct tape
Working gloves
Fabric (for the sail)

Step 1

After you draw the sketch, buy the materials. Purchase 10% more than the material required for the wooden boat you designed. In case you make mistakes, you will still have some reserve wood boards.

Step 2

Get the plywood and draw the lines around it. Refer to your sketch for the exact shape. The parts will vary, but the most basic will have the bottom, left and right sides. Depending on how you designed the boat, you may have to cut other parts.

Step 3

Gather all the pieces you sawed off. Now you have to seal it. To build a wooden boat properly, sealing is required. This can be done by applying some epoxy at the joints.

Step 4

Get the fiberglass and apply epoxy. Set this on the joint edge of the boat. Repeat these steps for the other joint edges of the boat.

Step 5

Apply some duct tape on the boat’s outer seams. Place some of the epoxy resin on the interior seams. Fortify the boat by adding some more epoxy on the seams. Take some moist fiberglass and put it on the seams you just made. Once the fiberglass has dried, put some duct tape on it.

Step 6

The next step is to create the mast. Cut the mast to the desired dimensions. Position it in the area indicated in your blueprint. Make sure the mast is secured to its position.

Step 7

Cut the fabric to make the sail. Join the sail to the mast. Now you can add the seats to the boat. The seats can be cut from the wood boards or you can purchase ready made ones.

Step 8

The last step is to paint the boat. The best type is marine paint. It is very durable and will last a long time. Apply as many layers of paint as you want.

Tips and Warnings

Be certain the seams and joints are dry before you attempt to use the boat. After you build a wooden boat, you will be eager to use it. But it is best to check the weather first. Make sure that it won’t rain too hard.