How to Fix Ps2 Disc Read Error

How to Fix Ps2 Disc Read Error

This is a step by step guide on how to fix PS2 disc read errors. The process isn’t that difficult, and it will actually take you no more than half an hour.

Required Tools and Materials

Lens cloth for glasses
Can of air or compressor
Black marker
Rubbing alcohol
Smaller computer size Phillips screwdriver
Phillips screwdriver

Step 1

Turn the PS2 over. Remove the screws located at the bottom of the system. Ten screws are conspicuous. Six are behind the rubber and plastic protectors.

Step 2

Turn the Playstation 2 so it is upright. Remove the top. Proceed slowly, and try not to remove the button strip.

Step 3

Remove the screws on the CD drive. Use the Philips screwdriver to take them off. Set them aside.

Step 4

The next step is to carefully pull out the CD drive cover. You will see the adjuster and the laser.

Step 5

To learn how to fix PS2 disc read error, get the compressed air. Use this to clean the lens. Spray the entire system.

Step 6

Take the lens cloth and dip it in rubbing alcohol. Dab it gently on the lens. Apply it carefully so you don’t damage or scratch the eye.

Step 7

After cleaning, put a PS2 disc in the drive. If it works, reassemble the drive and the Playstation. If it doesn’t work, go to step 8.

Step 8

This involves modifying the laser. Use a marker to mark your area. Check every time you turn the white gear. It does not matter where as long as the original spot is retained.

Move the gear and put the disc in. If the disc won’t play, remove it and adjust the gear. Put the disc in again. Keep repeating the steps. When the disc error disappears, reassemble the PS2.

Tips and Warnings

Handle the electronic equipment with care. It can still produce shocks even when not plugged. Make sure that you follow the direction as directed Otherwise, the gadget will not work. Be certain that the device is not plugged in before you decide to fix it.

The procedure described above could void the PS2 warranty. If the warranty is still active, take it to a repair shop. You won’t get charged for the repair.

It’s okay to learn how to fix PS2 disc read error, but you should only try it if the warranty is no longer active. If it isn’t, it’s all right to try and repair the PS2 on your own.