How to Build a Hydroponic System

One of the best ways to grow plants is to build a hydroponic system. Hydroponic systems let you cultivate plants in water filled with nutrients. This will make the plants grow faster.

Required Tools and Materials

Growth lights
Hydroponics nutrients
Perlite growth medium
Plastic mesh
Plant containers
Opaque flexible tubing
Water pump
Water reservoir
Ebb and flow trays

Step 1

Put the reservoir buckets on a table.

Step 2

Put the fill in place. Install the drain kit. Put this in the ebb and flow container. This tray is the big plastic tray where the plastic pots will be set. Place it so the overflow drain is over the reservoir container.

Step 3

Place the water pump at the reservoir tank. To build a hydroponic system, put in the tubing. This will permit the water to move on the ebb and flow tray. There are trays where the tube can be hooked up to. In other trays, you just have to put it where it can move in a corner to the water.

Step 4

Configure the timer on the water pump. Set it so it will flood the tray twice daily minimum. Do not allow it to flood the tray more than five times daily.

Step 5

Saw the plastic mesh. Place this on the plastic pot’s bottom. Do the same for all the plastic pots. Put perlite in the pots. Set the plants in the pots. Place them in the ebb and flow tray.

Step 6

Put water in the reservoir. Pour enough water so the tray is filled. Add enough water and nutrients so the perlite is saturated 3x over. Salt buildup can be used to stop flooding.

Step 7

Put the growth light over the hydroponic system. Turn it on and off on 12 hour intervals. There are timers you can use to simplify this task.

Tips and Warnings

The amount of nutrients that have to be used will vary. Check the growth lights to make sure they are still working. Replace them if necessary. You must also make sure the timer is actually working. Follow the guides on how to use the nutrients for the plants and herbs.

All the materials needed to build a hydroponic system can be bought in stores. If you are making the system for the first time, make sure to follow the instructions. Aside from plants, the systems can be used for vegetables and herbs. Another advantage is that you can use it regardless of the season.

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