How To Install A Garage Door Opener

Installing a garage door opener is a difficult task that can be done by individuals who have enough experience in installing automatic devices. The procedures in this project are detailed or specific that it is important to have assistance from professionals if you are new to such task. To learn how to install a garage door opener successfully, it is important to follow the procedures discussed in this article.

Materials Needed

To avoid delays in the project, it is advantageous to prepare all the materials beforehand. The materials that you need for this task are drill bits, a power drill, screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers as well as a hammer. Aside from these, you should have reinforcing steel, a solid stepladder, a two-inch lumber and a garage door opener.


To start the project, you need to examine the size of the garage door. It is also essential to assess the materials used in the door. If the door is made from lightweight materials, it is best to attach the stiffeners on the garage door instead of fastening the materials above the door. Afterwards, check the parts of the garage door opener. Follow the instructions on the box to make the rail. Insert the part in the power unit of the opener.

Attach the traveler or the slider on the rail. Install the idler pulley on the rail’s other end. Attach the traveler to the chain. Run the chain on the power unit, specifically around the unit’s drive wheels. Loop the chain around the pulley to the traveler.

Install the header on the door based on the specifications of the manufacturer. Attach it to the assembly. Place the power unit on top of the rails of the door. Install the power unit to the ceiling joists of the garage. Use mounting straps to secure the power unit. Install the header bracket and it should be at least an inch above the unit.

Attach the traveler to the linkage assembly to fasten the door bracket to the garage door opener. Based on the specifications of the manufacturer, secure the door bracket above the door. Fasten the control panel and secure the wires that run from the power unit to the control panel. Seek assistance from an electrician to attach the power supply to the unit.

Mount the sensors and connect the linkage assembly to the door bracket. Check if the door garage opener is working. Adjust the position of the opener if needed.

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