Carpet Repair

Carpet repairs are tasks usually reserved for professionals. But in some cases it is possible to do it yourself.

How to Fix Cigarette Burns in Carpets

Required Tools and Materials

Clear household glue

Method 1

Find the burnt ends, and then sand or cut them off. If the fibers are shorter than the surrounding carpet, it will just blend in.

Method 2

Slice some carpet fibers from a not so visible portion of the carpet. Or you can cut some fibers off another carpet. Use the glue to stick the fibers on the carpet. This is only needed if the fibers on the burned carpet are very short and noticeable.

Other Methods

You can paint over the burns if they are small. Another method involves slicing the fibers all the way to the base. The cutting should be done with a razor blade knife and in a scraping manner.

Next you get a piece off another carpet and take the burlap off. Clean the area to be fixed. Take the piece you just cut and put hot glue on it. Stick it on the burnt portion. This should fix the problem.

Tip: if the patch keeps coming up, try cutting circular shapes rather than squares.

Carpet Repair for Tears

Required Tools and Materials

Tacks or nails
Upholstery needle
Needle nose pliers

Step 1

Grab the carpet and pull it so the torn up sides join up. Ensure the
material is aligned the way you want it to be after repair is done.

Step 2

Get some nails or tacks. Use them to keep the carpet from opening. It will also lessen the stress at the seam. Be certain the tacks or nails are fastened well on the floor. Otherwise the carpet will move.

Step 3

Set the tacks 6 inches from the ripped carpet edges. Hammer the tacks lightly.

Step 4

Get the upholstery needle. Be certain the thread is microfilament. Sew the carpet. A 1” or 2” wide stitch is needed. This will reduce the stress on the seam.

Step 5

To set the needle through the material, use needle pliers. Use gentle but firm pressure.

Step 6

Double back when you get to the end of the seam. This will fasten the seam.

Step 7

Use the brush to fluff the material. This will also help cover the burned spots.

Before you make carpet repairs, make sure to check the product specifications. They may offer specific instructions on how to repair the material.

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