How to Install Cabinet Door Knobs

Replacing cabinet door knobs sometimes become an issue for a lot of people. One of the issues that come along with this problem is knob placement. Cabinet knobs are an important part of your furniture thus the concern for those who have loose or damaged knobs. They are fairly easy to install but will require some careful work. Just remember to use the right tools and follow a template.

Materials and Tools

You’ll need the following items when installing cabinet door knobs. You need knobs, a drill along with different kinds of drill bits, a ruler, pencil, and paper. These tools can usually be found in the house. However, you should still wear protective gear when working on this project.

Measurement and Preparation Tips

The first step to install cabinet door knobs is to measure your drawers and cabinet doors. Pay special attention to their thickness of the panel you are to install your door knobs. This will also give you a hint as to the size of the screws you should buy and use. When you’re done taking measurements you can now purchase and prepare the right sized cabinet door knobs along with the correct screws and drawer pulls.

Installing Cabinet Door Knobs

The first and usually the primary concern of some people is how to position a knob. You don’t want to drill any holes in the wrong places. You don’t want to add more damage to a cabinet than there already is. A good tip is to use reusable adhesive and attach it to the end of the knob that will be screwed on to the drawer.

Adhesives like sticky clay can be wiped clean off your drawer when you’re done. With this you can stick your knob on the drawer. After which you can check whether you like to keep it in that location or to move it elsewhere easily without damaging or punching holes on the cabinet.

After that, mark the spot where you want to put your knob. Then drill a hole where you placed your mark. After that you can insert a screw from the inside of the drawer or cabinet and attach it to the knob. To attach the knob turn it clockwise against the screw.

You can now tighten the cabinet door knob onto your drawer. After that you can test if your installation works just fine. Do the same procedure for the rest of knobs or pulls you want to install.


Make sure to check your measurements, which means you might want to do them twice and compare the results. When you drill your holes open the door or drawer to make sure you are drilling the hole properly. Always use the right sized drill bit. Use washers if your screws are too long or don’t have shorter screws.

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