How to Build a Trebuchet

The trebuchet is a device that can be used to hurl projectiles at a specific target. Used as a weapon in ancient times, understanding how to build a trebuchet is actually quite easy.

Required Tools and Materials

PVC glue
Rubber mallet
PVC grease
1 1-inch PVC end cap
1 1-inch PVC 4-way "T" connector
6 1-inch PVC 3-way corner connectors
4 1-inch PVC 45-degree connectors
4 1-inch PVC pipes cut 1 inch in length
2 1-inch PVC pipes cut 2 1/2 inches in length
1 1-inch PVC pipe cut 16 inches in length
4 1-inch PVC pipes cut 10 inches in length
2 1-inch PVC pipes cut 12 inches in length
2 1-inch PVC pipes cut 5 inches in length

Step 1

The first step to build a trebuchet is to create the base. Make a rectangular base from the four 3-way connectors, the two 5-inch pipes and the two 12-inch pipes. The 3-way corner connector openings have to face up.

Step 2

Put the 1-inch pipe in the empty connector. Put a 45 degree connector at the 1 inch pipe’s end. Make sure the 45 degree connector faces the rectangle’s center.

Step 3

Fasten the 10 inch pipe on the 45 degree angle connectors. Use the 3-way corner connector to hook up the two pipes on the side. It will look like a couple of triangles over each other.

Step 4

Sand the 2 1/2 inch pipe’s end about half an inch down the PVC. Put PVC grease on the sanded parts. Slide it into the 3-way corner connectors.

Step 5

Slip the 4-way connector on the 16-inch pipe’s end. Work it 3 inches from the endpoint. If necessary, slide the connector on the pipe. Put the counterweight on this same end. Set the end cap on the PVC pipe’s end.

Note: the counterweight will depend on the dimensions of the item that will be hurled. Drill two openings on the pipe. The holes should be an inch off the end. Thread the rope in the openings. Fasten the rope onto the pipe.

Step 6

Utilize the 4-way connector to put the 16-inch pipe in the midst of the 2 1/2 inch pipes. Put glue on every pipe and connector except
the two 2 1/2 inch pipes and connectors.


Take your time when building this project. Make sure the connections are proper. Otherwise it will not work.

When you build a trebuchet, make sure to place weights and boards on the trebuchet base. This will be necessary to hold the structure in place.

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