How to Remove a Toilet

How to Remove a Toilet

A plumber is not required to remove a toilet bowl. You can do the task yourself. If the toilet is leaking or cracked, follow this guide to replace the toilet bowl.

Required Tools and Materials

Plastic scraper
Penetrating oil
Mini hacksaw
Wrench set
Large sponge
Rubber gloves

Step 1

Turn off the water supply to the toilet. Flush the toilet so it will

Step 2

Wear the rubber gloves. Get the sponge and use it to remove the water on the bowl and tank.

Step 3

Take off the supply line on the fill valve in the tank. Grip the valve using the pliers. This is to ensure it doesn’t spin when the supply line nut is turned.

Step 4

Use the wrench to turn the supply line nut. The rotation should be done in a counterclockwise manner.

Step 5

Before you remove a toilet bowl, find and remove the bolt caps. These are at the sides of the toilet base. If needed, remove the caps with the screwdriver. Majority of toilets come with two hold-down bolts. Some however, have four. All the bolts are covered by caps.

Step 6

Take the bolts off. If they are corroded, spray it with penetrating oil. Let it soak the oil for five minutes then spray it again. If the bolt head is so corroded the wrench cannot be used, chop it off with a hacksaw.

Step 7

Shake the toilet carefully. This will break the seal below it. Put the toilet bowl aside. When carrying the toilet, be careful so water does not spill.

Step 8

Take the screwdriver. Use it to unscrew the toilet flange. This is located over the drainpipe. Remove the toilet flange.

Step 9

Put rags in the toilet flange. This will keep the septic or sewer gases from getting into the bathroom.

Step 10

Utilize the scraping tool to get rid of the plumber’s putty. This material will be on the flooring.

Tips and Warnings

Flush the toilet as often as needed so the water gets out of the tank and bowl. It is important to get the water out so it doesn’t drip. Be careful when removing the nuts and bolts from the toilet. Make sure the workplace is clean so you do not lose them. It should be well lit too.

Before you remove a toilet bowl, make sure you set aside some time. This task will not take more than a couple of hours. But if the bolts are corroded, it may take more time.