How to Install a Water Filter

How to Install a Water Filter

Having clean drinking water is very important in protecting your family from various illnesses. You must never take for granted having an efficient filtering system around your home to ensure that no contaminants get through. It helps to know that how to install a water filter is never difficult. It is a very simple and easy task that even ordinary homemakers can accomplish.

Before getting into this do-it-yourself project, you must understand that there are different filtering systems available in the market. There are built-in filters in pitchers and water containers. There are also filters that may be attached simply to the faucet. The one that needs installation, however, is the kind with an undersink filter that needs to be mounted inside the cabinet. This kind has two components. One is the undersink filter and the other is the countertop or sink top faucet. Here’s the step-by-step guide on how to install a water filter:

Step 1: Turn off the water supply. You would be working on the tubes and so you need to drain off the water running through the pipeline.

Step 2: Tap into the water supply line. Be ready with a pale to catch any dripping from the pipes.

Step 3: Infuse a new shut off valve. This should be placed in the line before the water heater. Make sure as well that it allows for some space that you will need when changing your filters.

Step 4: Some sink tops have a hole for the filter faucet. If yours does not have that, you drill a hole into your sink top or counter top. After that, you may install the filter faucet.

Step 5: Attach the plastic tubing from the faucet to the filter. When everything is in place, it is time to mount the filter inside your cabinet. Make sure that you place the filters in a roomy space. It must not eat up too much space on top and not too much below as well.

Step 6: When the screws are all in place, it is time to connect the filter to your cold water supply.

How to install a water filter can be accomplished with a few steps that involve drilling a hole, tapping into the water line, putting screws in place, and mounting the filter inside the cabinet. It should not mean hard work and it does not have to require a professional either. Remember though that every filtering system unit comes with special instructions. Make sure that you check out the package for directions.