How to Build a Cabinet

Methods for building a cabinet range from simple to complex, depending on how it will be used. No matter what the cabinet type is, some building principles are always followed.

Required Tools and Materials

Woodworker’s glue
Tape measure
Layout square
Table saw
Power drill
Wood boards
Cabinet sketch design

Step 1

Draw on paper or the computer the cabinet design. Decide how many shelves you want to add. You must also determine the dimensions now. Take the measurements to a lumberyard. They will know how many wood boards you will need.

You can also ask them to cut the wood lumber to the right size. Or you can do the task yourself. In that case, mark the cut lines with a pencil and a tape measure. Cut the pieces with the saw.

Step 2

Before you start building a cabinet, make sure the pieces you cut actually fit. Gather all the wood boards you sawed. Put them together and see if they fit. Make any adjustments if necessary.

Step 3

Mark the sides by drilling. Drill at the rear of the carcass to designate the nail and screw holes. Drill from the rear to the sides. Repeat the drill for every wood piece so they are marked.

Step 4

Apply glue on the wood boards before you nail them together. You can join the boards using nails or screws. The glue is crucial for keeping the pieces in place while you put in the fasteners.

Step 5

Refer to your sketch guide for putting the cabinet together. Cut and
put the shelves together using the screws and nails. Or you can just make a box. Saw three boards to make the wall. If you are adding a door, make sure you have the hinges ready.

Step 6

Once the cabinet is finished, you can sand it. A power sander can make the sanding process much quicker. Keep sanding until the edges are smooth. Depending on the cabinet size, this may take up to a day.

Step 7

Paint or stain the cabinet. Drying time of paint products differ. Give the paint enough time to dry. Follow the directions as specified in the product guides. Apply each coating evenly. Staining also requires some drying time, although not as much as painting.

Building a cabinet can be a challenging task, but a lot of the complexity can be removed by having a detailed plan at hand. Always refer to it as you cut the boards and put the pieces together.

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