How to Fix a Ps2

The Playstation 2 or PS2 is a console that lets you play games on your TV. If you are experiencing some problems, the proceeding information may be used to fix a PS2.

Required Tools and Materials

2 mm Phillips screwdriver
PS2 controller

Step 1

Remove the screws on the rear of the controller. There are five of these; one in the middle and four on the sides and grips.

Step 2

Open the case carefully. The electronics should be visible. Remove the screws on the PCB circuit board. Make sure that the screwdriver does not make contact with the circuit PCB or the other metal components.

Step 3

Remove the PCB and put it on the back casing.

Step 4

Push the back of the button panels on all the trigger and buttons. Be certain the trigger and the buttons are not blocked by plastic. These must also be set in the holes and are tight.

Step 5

Replace the PCB and put the screws back on. Screw only to the point they cannot be turned easily.

Step 6

Close the rear of the controller. Put the anchor screws on. Hook up the controller. Test it.


If the wiring is the problem, the controller has to be replaced. Ground yourself before accessing the interior of the controller.

How to Fix a PS2 with Memory Card File Problems

Step 1

Turn the PS2 on and remove any discs in the system. Turn the system off.

Step 2

Put the damaged or corrupted memory card in port 1’s first slot. Turn on the Playstation.

Step 3

Choose Browser from the options. Highlight the memory card. Press the X button to select Enter. Use the directional pad to choose the game files that were corrupted. Press X on the controller.

Step 4

Choose Delete. Press X. This will remove the corrupted file from the system.

Step 5

If you have other game files that are damaged, repeat these steps.

Tips and Warnings

The memory card file problem occurs when the memory cad is taken out while it is still being utilized. When this happens, the data is damaged and can no longer be accessed. This problem can occur in many PS2 memory cards, even the 8 GB types.

Read the warranty before you study how to fix a PS2. Various types of damages or repairs may be covered by it. If that is the case, then you should avail of it first before attempting any repairs.

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