How to Install a Shower Filter

Everyone knows that chlorine can be found in the public water Install a Shower Filtersupply. It is used to kill any form of harmful bacteria that may be present in the water. However, another known fact is that chlorine is toxic for human beings as well. A bit of trivia along with that piece of information is the fact that the human body tends to absorb a lot more chlorine when you take hot showers.

This is the primary reason why it’s a good idea to install shower filters. They are affordable quick solutions to remove chlorine. Of course, some models are tad more expensive than others. Here are the steps on how to install these handy devices in your shower.

Remove the Shower Head

The first step to install shower filters is to remove your shower head. You will need a wrench and pliers in order to do so. However, there are shower heads that can be removed without using any tools. You’ll also need plumbers tape, otherwise known as Teflon tape. You need to wrap the pipe threads after removing the shower head.

Install Shower Filter

The next step is to install the shower filter. Make sure you have the shower pipe threads wrapped or sealed in plumber’s tape before doing this step. This will help you avoid any leaks and save you a lot of trouble later on. If you get leaks you will have to remove both the filter and the shower head and seal the threads properly using more plumbers’ tape.

Concerning shower filters, there are two types that you need to be aware of. The first type will be attached at the back of your shower head and the second type replaces the shower head as well. However, whether you get the complete replacement type or the one that goes behind the shower head you’ll still follow the same steps to install shower filters.

Here are the steps to attach the shower filter onto the shower pipe. Insert the shower filter bottom first into the shower pipe. The bottom of the filter’s housing will usually have screws that let’s you attach the top half onto it. Once you have the bottom half of the housing in place, screw the top half on.

Installing the Shower Head

This will be the final step to install shower filters. You won’t need to follow the next step if you installed a filter that replaces the shower head as well. Attaching the shower head onto the filter housing will work the same way as affixing it to the shower pipe. Use a wrench if necessary in order to avoid any possibility of leaking. Lastly, test the shower by turning it on.

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