How to Repair a Carpet

A floor covering made out of textile, a carpet is classified into various types including knotted, needle felt and woven. Some of the materials commonly used to create this kind of floor cover include polyester, polypropylene as well as nylon. Although these materials are known for their durability and dependability, they can still succumb to stains and damages. To solve such problems, it is important to learn how to repair a carpet.

Materials Needed

This is a moderately challenging job. You need a clear adhesive and a two-sided carpet tape to fix the different kinds of carpet damages. For minor damages, you must have a pair of manicure scissors.


If the damage is minor, it is easier to fix the carpet. Possible solutions for this task include a hair transplant and a trim. To do this, you must have manicure scissors, which will be used to trim the ends that are damaged. You can only do this for minor damages. Be careful and never cut too much from the top because this can actually cause further damage if not done right. Trim the damaged part until you reach the carpet backing.

You can easily find replacement fibers from spots that are usually out of way. These may come from under large furniture, huge appliances or even under the closet where the carpet is not visible. In case you do not want to cut these parts, you can instead look for extra carpet fibers, specifically those that were left from the original carpet installation.

Put a small amount of clear adhesive at the bottom part of the replacement fibers. Attach them to the right away to the carpet backing. Do not rush this part because it is not good to spill glue in the surrounding areas of the damaged part.

In case the damage is large, you may want to replace a bigger part of the carpet. To replace a big part, it is best to cut out a triangular or circular replacement. Following these patterns, the replacement parts are harder to notice compared to a rectangular or square-shaped replacement.

As a pattern, you can use the lid of a can. Choose one that is big enough to cover the stain. Afterwards, get the cutter and then use it together with the pattern to cut the stained part. Cut the carpet all the way through the underlay. Use the same lid to produce a replacement piece.

Use the two-sided double tape to attach the replacement piece right onto the empty space that was created by the cut out part. Before you attach the replacement piece, you may want to add a clear adhesive to make it stick in place even more. Press firmly and then put on some weight on the newly restored part. Leave it for at least 24 hours before removing the weight.

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