How to Fix the PS3 Blu Ray Problem

One of the most famous and advanced gaming consoles available in the commercial market today, Sony’s PlayStation 3 (also known as PS3) has several advanced features. One of the special features of this video gaming console is the Blu Ray. There are times that the Blu Ray feature of the gaming console has troubles. To avoid spending money for servicing the device, it is best if you have a background on how to fix the PS3 Blu Ray problems.

Corrupted Blu Ray Driver

If you have issues related to a malfunctioning PlayStation 3 Blu Ray driver, the first thing that you need to know is to restart or reboot the video gaming console. After resetting it, make sure that you change the settings to default set-up. Check if there are missing or corrupted files in the system. If there are no corrupted files, you need to rebuild the console’s operating system to fix the problem. Make a backup for all the important files stored in the system. Delete everything in the system and update your PS3 system to solve the issue.

Blu Ray Display Problems

If you are watching Blu Ray videos in the device and you encounter problems with the display, then the first step that you should do to solve the issue is to select the BD/DVD menu on the device and choose the BD/DVD Video Output Format option. Afterwards, select Automatic. Check all the options found in the Video Output Settings.

Disc Read Issues

If you do not encounter problems playing high definition games that you have downloaded but you cannot watch or play Blu Ray discs, then there are problems with the Blu Ray drive of the device. The best move is to send this to the Sony PlayStation service center since there may be faulty parts that must be replaced.

Long Loading Time

If you are having troubles loading Blu ray contents in your PS3 when you connect to the Internet, you need to check the case of the disc. If the disc indicates that the movie that you are watching have online content, then you have nothing to worry because such feature has a long loading time.

Additional Tips and Other Important Information

If you want to recover missing or corrupted files caused by faulty Blu Ray feature, turn the system off and turn it on after several minutes. Connect the controller using the USB cable and turn it on to see the menu and recover files in the system.

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