How to Install a Car Stereo Amplifier

How to Install a Car Stereo Amplifier

It is good to attach the car stereo to an amplifier to increase the amplitude of its signal. This way, you can play loud, crisp and enjoyable music. Aside from installing shiny new rims and spraying brightly colored paint, adding this simple device can significantly boost the overall value of your vehicle. Be able to meet the high demands of modern car designs by learning how to install a car stereo amplifier.

Materials Needed

Installing a car stereo amplifier requires a lot of wires. For this job, you need to prepare a 16-gauge wire, a 12-gauge wire and a remote on wire. More importantly, you must bring an RCA signal cable, a thick ground cable as well as a thick power cable. Determine the total wattage of the amplifier to determine the right thickness for the ground cable and the power cable.

Aside from the wires, be sure to prepare the right tools as well. These include wire strippers, wire cutters and screwdrivers. In addition, you will also need sandpaper, a utility knife and pliers at some point during the installation process. Other important materials needed for this task include a couple of crimp-on o-ring ends, a masking tape and a pen for labeling purposes.


Refer to the manual of your car to know how to remove the dash and gain access to the speakers of the vehicle. From the battery, remove the ground cable, which is negative. Do not work on the wiring if this is connected. Attach to the battery?s positive terminal connector the thick red positive power cable of the side with the fuse. Determine the fuse holder and then connect the fuse.

Place the power cable along the car?s firewall and connect it to the amplifier. Look for the opening right at the side of the driver seat. Do not place the power cables near the speaker wires. Near the amplifier, look for a screw or metal bolt and then connect the ground cable. This must be close to the amplifier but no closer than 3 feet. Remove the screw and then use sandpaper to clean its surface. Use the o-ring to attach the ground and then put the screw back in place tightly.

Take the head unit off and then run the remote and signal using wires at the back of the head unit of the amplifier. Connect the remote and the RCA connectors as well. Connect the speakers to the amplifier by using 16-gauge wires. Label every wire with a masking tape. Attach the subwoofers to the amplifier using a 12-gauge speaker wire. Screw the amplifier into the subwoofer enclosure.

Once everything is in place, reconnect the negative cable to the car?s battery. Try to run the system and observe if it is working properly. Return everything back in place.