How to Fix a Poor Adwords Quality Score

How to Fix a Poor Adwords Quality Score

Adwords is one of the products or services launched by Google. This site promotes online advertising and electronic commerce or online marketing. One of the special features of the service is the pay-per-click advertising promotion. Many companies and entrepreneurs visit the site because it allows them to post banner advertisements as well as text advertisements. The programs offered by the website are approved by the Interactive Advertising Bureau. The advertisements posted follow the sizes defined by the bureau. To attract clients and to improve the number of customers, advertisers should have a high quality score. If you receive low score, then it is important that you learn how to fix poor Adwords quality score.


The first thing to do is to determine the reason why Adwords gave you a low score. You can defend your side if you think that the site was mistaken when it has given you the score. There are some factors that affect the scores given by Adwords. These factors are the keyword relevance, the landing page as well as the landing page load time.

If you have received a low score, you need to remove all the unnecessary elements on your page such as javascripts and stylesheets. Another reason why you get a low score is that your advertisement is irrelevant. To improve the relevance of your advertisement, it is best to enhance the sales copy of your advertisement.

Another way of improving the relevance of your advertisement is to improve the maximum CPC bid on your page. If you do this, you can have a higher advertising position. After doing this, you need to check the keywords that you used in your advertisement. Always remember that your advertising efforts can be affected highly by the proper usage of keywords. The proper usage of keywords can attract traffic in your page.

It is also important that you modify your landing page to get a high Adwords quality score. It is essential that you include keywords in the heading tags, page title as well as meta tags. The keywords should also be used in the sales copy and in the content.

You can interchange the keywords to include key phrases in the content. After altering the page and including keywords, it is important that you save the changes. Wait for the response of Adwords. If you follow the steps in this article carefully, it is possible that the next response that you will get from the Adwords is an increased quality score.