How to Build a Bunker

How to Build a Bunker

When bunkers are mentioned, people usually think of shelters for war. However, it is easy to learn how to build a bunker for use in Paintball games.

Required Tools and Materials

Tape measure
Safety goggles
Horse blanket
Strong glue
12 stakes, 12" high
Piece of plywood, 5′ wide x 6′ long
Cinder blocks
Keyhole saw
Eight tires

Step 1

Set three of the tires on the ground. They should be set at 45 degree angles and flushed against each other.

Step 2

Get two more tires and stack them on top of the three. You will end up with three columns.

Step 3

Measure five inches off the first column and put the other tires starting from that mark.

Step 4

Now you have to set up the walls of the bunker. Get the plywood. Position it with the long side at the tire column’s front. Make sure the plywood long side is on the ground. The setup is right if one of the ends is a couple of inches in front of the tires.

Step 5

Flush the stakes on the front of the plywood. You can do this by hammering the stakes. Start at the far end move to the center.

Step 6

Stack some cinder blocks at the plywood’s front. The cedar blocks should be three blocks high and horizontal. Start with the foundation by the plywood’s length.

Step 7

When studying how to build a bunker, you need to create a cinder block base at the back of the plywood. Put the smooth sides up. The base has to be set 3 rows to the rear.

Step 8

Pile cinder blocks three high at the plywood’s back. A two high cinder block should be set the back of the first row. The blocks’ flat ends must face up.

Step 9

Make 4 holes in the plywood’s back an over the blocks. 2 holes should be close to the sides and two in the middle. Create lines by the first row blocks’ top using glue.

Repeat at the 2nd base and the sides. Put the horse blanket over the blocks. Stick them on with the glue you put at the side and second base.


Aside from tires, you can also make bunkers using plywood.

When learning how to build a bunker for Paintball games, make sure the holes are big enough for the gun barrel. The holes made in this example are not standardized; you can put in more if you like.