How to Fix the Wii Error Code 002

One of the home game consoles developed by Nintendo, Wii exceeded the sales of competitors Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in January 2010. The video game console has different unique features, which include the wireless remote controller. The memory storage of the device is 512 megabytes. Aside from the storage, the device has a slot for SD card. Some of the interesting and useful features of the console are the Macronix Mask ROM, a slot loading disc and a built-in speaker.

Owners of Wii may encounter some problems associated with the frequent use of the device. One of the errors that can be experienced by users is the error code 002. To solve this problem, below are the procedures on how to fix the Wii error code 002 properly.


If you encounter this problem, you need to turn the device off. Unplug the console and remove the cables connected to the device. The error can be caused by loose connections of cables. Reconnect the cables and plug the device to the power source. Turn the device on and check if the error code still appears. If the problem was not solved, you need to use the latest SoftChip version. Use the 1:1 copy and go to main menu. Just activate the option that says “remove 002 error.”

If the problem appears while you are playing a video game, then you need to install the required IOS. You can install the IOS using the Wad Manager. When installing the IOS, you should alter it with the use of the GeckOS. If you are a user of good modchip, then you can also install it using the SoftChip.

Additional Tips and Other Important Details

If the solutions discussed above fail to remove the error code, it is possible that the problem lies with the hard drive. Do not remove hard drive if the video game console is still under warranty. If you like to remove the hard drive, make sure that you carefully follow the steps in the task. It is also important to ask the assistance of a professional when removing the drive.

If there are problems with the hard drive or you cannot replace the drive, you need to send it immediately to the service center to avoid further problems. When you send the device to the service center, you need to prepare around $100 to $200 for the service charge and if there are parts that should be replaced.

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