How to Build a Deer Blind

You can build a deer blind to hide your movements and even your scent from deer. This will certainly make hunting more enjoyable, and it is quite easy to make.

Required Tools and Materials

Tape measure
Screw gun
Jig saw
Miter saw
5 8-ft long 2 x 4s
Table saw
100 3-inch wood screws
8 1/2, 4 x 8 plywood

Step 1

Saw half a dozen 2 x 4s so they are 45 inches long. Set these boards perpendicular between 2 x 4 x 8 ft long wood boards. They should be spaced by 16 inches. Lay the pieces on the thin edge.

Step 2

Fasten these with the 3 inch wood screws. Fasten the long boards in the shorter piece ends. Screw a half inch 4 x 8 plywood over the wood boards. The flooring is complete.

Step 3

You can build a deer blind rear and front wall in the same manner. Utilize the 2 x 4 8 ft long boards as the bottom and top of the frames. Saw 4 2 x 4s so they are five feet long. These are going to be the wall uprights. Cut the back wall uprights to a length of six feet.

Step 4

Put the wall frames together as you did the door frame. But add some space where you will put the door and windows.

Step 5

Set the side wall and front frames on the flooring. Screw the wall frame bottom on the floor frame. Screw the 2 x 4 to an angle. The angle should be from the wall to floor. This will fortify the structure.

Step 6

Measure the distance between the wall frames. This will help you size the 2 x 4 required for the wall frame bottom. Measure from the rear wall top to the front wall top. Fasten the frame for the bottom on the flooring. Affix the top piece on the front top corners and the back wall. Cut and screw the side wall uprights.

Step 7

Chop 4 x 8, half inch plywood sheets to sheath the outer blind. Fasten the plywood on the wall frames.

Cut the door and window holes. Saw the ½ inch plywood so it is 8 feet x 2 ½ feet wide. This will provide an overhang on the back and front. It will also have an angle to remove the water and snow.

The final step to build a deer blind is to shingle the roof. This will fortify the structure.

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