How to Build an Electric Motor

You can build an electric motor using various components. If you have never built one before, this project will give you an idea of how it is made.

Required Tools and Materials

Small rivets
Tin snips
Wire (2 mm stiff copper)
Clear plastic
Craft glue
Neodymium magnets
Toilet paper tube

Step 1

Get the empty toilet paper tube. Stick a couple of neodymium magnets in the tube center. Make sure the magnets are set across one another. Cut a portion from the tube’s side. Get the craft glue and use it to create a window with the plastic. Ensure the plastic is clean.

Step 2

Fold an edge of the toilet paper tube. To build an electric motor, make sure the fold joins up to the interior of the roll at the side. Repeat this on both toiler roll sides.

Step 3

Place a rivet in the flaps. This is the point rivet openings are placed in the tubes. Ensure the rivets are not filled; they must be hollow. They must also have holes in the middle.

Step 4

Stretch a four inch wire. With your two fingers, coil a wire next to this one. The finger coil has to be eight wraps. There should be a couple of inches of the wire emanating at the opposing coil sides. Put some tape strip on the sides. This will prevent the wires from sticking out of the coil.

Step 5

Squish the coil to reduce the circular shape. It should have a more oblong figure. Make sure the coil wires project out.

Step 6

Open an end of the tube. Put the longer wire hanging out in the tubing. Pull this in the flap at the opposing end. Hold the wire when it comes out. Draw it onto the coil. Shut the flap. Pull the short wire out of the opening.

Step 7

Put the wire coil in the inside. It should be in the middle on top of the magnets. Bend the wire ends. This will permit the coil to spin. Shape the ends as a T. Cut off any excess wiring. Double check to make sure nothing will prevent the metal rivets and metal wires from making contact.

That is all it takes to build an electric motor. To run it, connect a battery with the wires making contact with the rivets. If you look in the window, you will see that the motor will now begin to spin. Do not cut yourself when trimming the wires.

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