How to Fix Scratched Games

How to Fix Scratched Games

A scratched game disc will be rendered useless unless it is fixed. Here are some suggestions on how you can fix scratched game discs.

Required Tools and Materials

Clean, lint free cloth
Warm water
Liquid car wax

Step 1

Try cleaning the disc first. Rinse it under warm water. Or you can prepare a bowl of warm water. Dip a clean, lint free cloth in it. Wipe the disc beginning from the center and move to the outer edges.

Never wipe CDs, DVDs and game discs in a circular manner. Besides scratches, there may be dirt on it. Clean it with soapy water.
Let the disc dry naturally; do not wipe it with the cloth. Try to play it. If it doesn’t work, proceed to step 2.

Step 2

You can also fix scratched game discs with toothpaste. Apply a bit of it on a clean cloth. Wipe the disc in the manner earlier. Leave the toothpaste there for a minute or two. Wash it off with warm water. Let the disc air dry. Try to play it; if it doesn’t work, try step 3.

Step 3

Apply Brasso on a piece of cloth. Rub it on the disc, starting from the center and moving onto the edges. Repeat this a dozen times. If you can see the scratch, focus the Brasso and the wiping there. When the disc has dried, play the disc. If it won’t run, go to step 4.

Step 4

Put a thin layer of liquid car wax on the game disc. Wipe the disc with it. Play the disc. If this does not work, try step 5.

Step 5

Turn a 60W lamp on. Hold the disc about four inches away from it. Spin the disc for about 20 seconds. Put the disc in the console or CD drive while it is still hot.

Tips and Warnings

Put the game disc in its case after you use it. Hold the disc on the sides. Or you can place your thumb on the side and a finger in the center hole.

Do not hold the surface being read by the drive (i.e., the one without the label). Do not expose your game discs in very hot or cold temperatures. Don’t let dust and dirt gather on your game discs.

If you are going to fix scratched game discs, some patience will be needed. You can try any of the methods described here, but you may have to repeat them several times.