How to Build Kitchen Cabinets

How to Build Kitchen Cabinets

Building kitchen cabinets is a challenging task, but you can do it with proper planning and perseverance. To make things easier, work on only one cabinet at a time.

Required Tools and Materials

Cabinet hardware
Wood putty
Power drill with drill bits and screwdriver bits
Wood screws
Wood glue
Pine wood
Measuring tool
Sketch plan or electronic kitchen planner

Step 1

Sketch the cabinet design on paper. Note down the measurements. Decide how many drawers it will have. When building, use the dimensions of the first cabinet as a template. This way, the rest will be easier to make.

Step 2

Begin with the cabinet skeleton. Reduce the board side measurements by the bottom and top boards’ thickness. As you cut the board’s back, chop the width and length two times shorter than the wood thickness. This ensures it will fit in the frame.

Step 3

Glue the edges and then clamp the sides and top. Before you continue building kitchen cabinets, drill holes and screw the top to the sides. Pre-drilling is very important. Otherwise, the wood will crack up.

Step 4

Turn the skeleton over. Connect the bottom in the same way. Put the back in and screw it. Make sure that it is glued.

Step 5

Make the faceplate for the cabinet. The side height should be the same as that of the cabinet. The width can vary, but 2 inches will be fine. The faceplate length should be the same as the cabinet length. The width should be less compared to the side boards.

Step 6

Line up the rails. Ensure they fit. Make sure these fit for the dowel openings. Drill a couple of holes on the rails’ ends. This should match the holes on the side boards. Place glue in the holes. Put the dowel in. Clamp the parts together so they form a square.

Step 7

Glue and clamp the faceplate to the skeleton. Secure it by drilling holes. Use finishing nails to secure it. Cut the door about 3/8-inch wider compared to the faceplate opening. Have the edges beveled.

Step 8

Apply stain and polyurethane finish. Put wood putty to hide the nail holes. Apply the varnish. Put the stain and varnish on before you add the hinges.

The final step to building kitchen cabinets is to put in the rest of the cabinet hardware. Before you do so, make sure the door is level. When you make cabinets, always wear the safety goggles. Follow the directions with regards to how long the varnish and paint should dry.