How to Build a Cubby House

How to Build a Cubby House

There probably isn’t a kid out there who doesn’t want their own cubby house. If you find prefabricated kits too expensive, you can build a cubby house for the child yourself.

Required Tools and Materials

Tailor’s chalk
Measuring tape
Cutting tool
Sewing machine
5 packages binding tape, 3 yards long
5 yards 36 inch canvas
1 card table, 34 inch square, with folding legs

Step 1

Take the canvas and cut 4 rectangles measuring 35 x 30 inches and a 35 inch square. Make the rectangles an inch higher than the table (the table here is 29 inches).

Step 2

Use the chalk to draw a rectangle doorway 20 inches across and 23 and a half inches high. Use the tape measure to make the shape a rectangle. Create a flip; don’t cut the doorway’s top.

Step 3

You can build a cubby house’s windows on the other walls. As with the door, do not cut the tops; just create some flaps.

Step 4

On the doorway’s raw edges, apply some tape. Apply binding tape by the door’s three sides too. Sew them. Repeat this step for the window flaps and frames.

Step 5

Attach a foot of binding tape on the interior and exterior of the window and door frame. Set them three inches over the flap. Secure the binding tape strips after you roll the flap from the bottom.

Step 6

Press a hem (1/4 inch) on each wall’s bottom. Do the same for another hem, also ¼ inch. Double fold the hem.

Step 7

Use the 35 inch square as the cubby house roof. Sew the tops of each wall on the roof side using a seam (right sides facing, ¼ inch). Sew another seam (wrong side facing, ¼ inch).

Step 8

Sew the seams on the wall in the same manner. Start with the right sides facing up and then the wrong sides. Both must be ¼ seams. Set the fabric on the table. The cubby house is now finished.

Tips and Warnings

If you want round windows, use a plate to make the round shapes. While this guide employs a 29 inch table, you can use another one. However, you will have to use larger pieces of canvas. But the procedures will still be the same.

Before you build a cubby house, make sure the dimensions are fit for your child. You do not want it to be too big, but make sure the child will not feel cramped in.