How to Build a Kite

How to Build a Kite

You can buy kites just about anywhere, but it is more fun to make one. It is very easy to learn how to build a kite, and you should have no problems making this one.

Required Tools and Materials

Strip of cloth or some ribbons
2 dowel rods
X-acto knives
Utility knife
Construction paper

Step 1

Cut the doweling rods. One should be 24 inches long and the other 16 inches long.

Step 2

Spot the 16 inch dowel in the middle. Mark the 24 inch 1/3 of its length.

Step 3

Arrange the rods at right angles and make a cross shape. They should rest on top of each other.

Step 4

Secure the dowels where they join up with a string. When studying how to build a kite, make sure the knot is tight. Use the knife to slice off any extra string.

Step 5

Cut a notch on the rods’ ends. Put the string at the notch. This will be at the kite frame’s top. Wind this on the rod’s top. Make certain the string is fastened well. Now pull it on the frame’s edge tightly. Fit this on the notch on the rods.

Step 6

Fasten the string when you get to the frame top. You can do this by forming a knot. You just finished making the kite frame.

Step 7

Set the frame on a piece of paper.

Step 8

Cut the paper with the knife or the scissors. Use the frame as a guide when cutting. When cutting near the string sections, set aside half an inch for allowance.

Step 9

Apply some glue on the paper’s outside edges. Fold it. Make the fold in such a way that it will cover the string and fasten itself to the paper within the frame. It is important you apply sufficient glue.

Step 10

Secure some string on the shorter dowel’s end. Make it longer compared to the rod.

Step 11

Get another string. Fasten it to the longer rod. Make the string longer compared to the rod.

Step 12

Get a couple of the strings and find where the overlap is. Knot them together using another piece of string. This is where you will connect the string to fly the kite.

Step 13

The final step is to make a tail for your kite. You can do by simply attaching ribbons to the kite. Use glue to hold the ribbons together.

You have just learned how to build a kite. Now all you have to do is go out and take it for a test flight.