How to Build a Log Cabin

It should be stressed that building a log cabin requires a lot of time and patience. It will definitely help if you have several people helping you.

Required Tools and Materials

Tin roofing sections
Hardware (nails and screws)
Reinforced concrete
Posthole digger

Step 1

Create a detailed sketch of the log cabin. Set the measurements down and buy the required number of logs.

Step 2

Choose an area to build in. The terrain should be level and with good drainage. Take out any stones, debris, rocks and underbrush around the area.

Step 3

Get the logs ready by removing the knots, branches and bark. Shape the log ends.

Step 4

Dig the holes for the posts. Put the logs in the posts. Use reinforced concrete to set the logs in position.

Step 5

Set up the joists and beams for the main floor. For the floor, you can use wooden panels or plywood.

Step 6

Stack the logs together to form the walls. Make notches so the logs will stay together. When shaping the logs, shape them so they fit as tightly as possible. When building a log cabin, do not forget to set aside space for the windows and door.

Step 7

To make the loft supports, fit them on the walls. You can also run the logs in extra holes cut at the walls. These pieces should cross the ceiling interior.

Step 8

Put the gables in place. Do this one side at a time. Keep doing this until you get to the purlin height. These are the supports that go across the left space.

Step 9

Keep working on the gables until you reach the ridge pole height. Set the ridge pole on the gables. Use ropes, poles or shims to support it.

Step 10

Get the prepared lumber and fame the roof. Make sure it is level and fits well.

Step 11

For the roof underside, use plywood. Put the tin sheeting over it.

Step 12

Install the other parts in the cabin. Put the windows and door into place. You can also add a chimney or stairs. Once the cabin is complete, you can add wall carpets, stoves, chair, tables and other appliances.

Before you start building a log cabin, make sure you are in good physical condition. This will take a lot of work. Be careful when assembling the logs. Make sure the logs have no mold. If there are, scrub them off. A quality protector should be used to treat logs.

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